Stefano Forgione(1969; Avellino, Italy) and Giuseppe Rossi (1972, Naples, Italy) are the artistic duo operating under the pseudonym TTOZOI. Working together since 2010, their artistic research came from an informal approach to painting, and it’s based on a “intervention gap”, a suspension of time in which time and nature operate directly on canvases. Intrinsically linked to the place canvases inhabit, nature finds expression through a new grammar, and it presents a language in continuous evolution, capable of capturing and enclosing the soul of the place with always different formalizations. Their last project is called Genius Loci (2017-ongoing)and it was realized in three UNESCO sites, establishing a dialogue with the past and Italian cultural heritage: La Reggia di Caserta, 2018; Pompei Archeological site, 2018; the Anfiteatro Campano di Capua, Caserta, Italy, 2021. The next chapter will be realized soon at Colosseum, Rome, 2022.


Genius Loci

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